william l 1953 Chevrolet Bel Air 2dr Sport Coupe

my first car

It was 1967 I was a senior in high school and was looking for my first car,some one told me about this convertable that was sitting in a backyard with a for sale sign on it,I went by and it was love at first sight,a light blue with dark blue spear 54 chevy convertable,with full hubcaps,when I asked the guy who owned it what he was asking he said 150.00 dollars,lot of money for a high school kid that was making eighty five cents a hour,so I started doing any thing to make money to buy the chevy I had about eighty dollars saved,I went buy every few days to see if the car was still there after school,hoping no one else got it before me,after about five weeks I had the money to go buy the car,and when I got to the guys house he had washed it and had it sitting in the driveway gave him the money and I drove off,I reallized it was fully optioned for a 54 chevy with power steering,brakes ,seat ,and windows.when I got home some friends in the area came and looked at my cool convertble everyone liked it.I cleaned late into the night,when I got up the next day it had three flat tires,the tires were no good they were dry rotted,I didnt gare because I had vmy dream car and it was all mine,took several weeks to save up to by new tires

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