wallace g 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air 2dr Sport Coupe

moms car.

it all started when the owner's wife of the local chevy dealership ordered a 1957 bel-air loaded california car. it was 1343 off the assembly line Van Nuys ,California . it was delivered in august, the owners wife was unhappy and didn't want the car because it didn't have power brakes. my mom worked next door to the dealership, saw the car and told my father he was going to buy it for her. the color was 2 tone white and canyon coral(pinkish) not a cool color for dad. my father only made $27 per 2 weeks at that time, the car cost $3150? he bought the car on August 8,1956(mom always gets her way). well its been a part of our family ever since. its towed boats, trailers,hauled beans in the trunk,lived on a ranch, but most important in survived me at 16 years old. the most important thing, is that i came home from the hospital in that 1957 Bel-Air when i was born and so did my 2 daughters. to many memories to list. the only thing i can say " its just part of our family and always will".

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