steve b 1969 Chevrolet Camaro RS 2dr Convertible

lst Day Best Day!

At age 35ish, I had been on the hunt for a classic convertible for years. The occurrence of available funds and available ride never occurred concurrently until one spring morning when a friend, who was aware of my hunt, called to say he knew a guy who needed to sell a '69 Camaro convertible quick.

Sounded a little shady, but it turned out the seller was buying a new 'Vette and needed a little quick cash to close the deal.

The car was in decent shape, but an odd metallic blue. It ran rough, The hood popped open from time to time. But it was a vintage rag top. I was the owner. I had never before owned a convertible.

It was heaven. 6-13-85 was a great day. $3,000 changed hands. But I had the convertible.

Serious tail end rust left it sitting pieces for six years. But we found the parts needed and good body shop guys, painters and talented restorers have kept it running like a top.

The car also led to my involvement in a statewide antique vehicle show and lets me rub elbows with some wonderful collectors and car buffs.

I drive the car to the golf course and other destinations so it is not show perfect. In fact I replaced a very wheezy, leaky engine early on without a thought of matching parts.

But it does look good and sound even better thanks to a new exhaust system picked through an audio chart on the internet.

This is probably not the best story you will see, but it is a very good one about the amount of happiness that can be derived over nearly 30 years from a machine.

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    Tony Shnyder litchfield, MN July 11, 2014 at 10:59
    Nice Camaro and a good story!

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