richard b 1966 Chevrolet Corvette 2dr Coupe

law experience not all bad

A number of years ago members of a corvette club I belong to were going to Bloomington Il Corvette show, as we were traveling on Interstate 70 near Dayton Ohio we came upon a reduced speed area. We all had cb radios and knew that a police car was up ahead over a slight rise in the road. I was leading at the time after passing the officer he pulled out after the last car passed and slowly passed each corvette. He would pause and look each car over and work his way up to me. After reaching me he turned on the flashing lights for me to pull over, I called on the cb to my friends to go up a couple of miles and I would catch up. The officer walked up to my car and said I'm sure you are wondering why I stopped you, but he had never seen a Delaware black and white tag. After some conversation he said he also had a corvette and wanted to look at my car. I suggested we play a joke on my friends and I said on the cb to everyone in our group to get their drivers license and proof of insurance and registration out we would be right there. We pulled up and joined the rest of the group with lights flashing and I told everyone to come back and join me near my car. I told everyone we getting a ticket for following too close and boy did faces drop. I then said it was a joke and the officer only wanted to look at the cars. I got a lot of ribbing the rest of the trip.

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