michelle w

grandma's pontiac

For many years my family would go to reunions in kansas and take rides in grandma's old pontiac. We have been going to reunions since 1984 and each time we would shake our heads in augh as to the wonderful shape and low milage it had on it. We so wanted to buy the car and preserve our family heritage. As the years went by, grandma passed away and our uncle parked grandma's car in the back of his tractor barn. Still,each year we'd go the the reunion and wish he'd sell it to us. The years wentby, grandma's car would have an inch ofdust on iteach time we'd go.....finally, on a cold day in December, 2010 a phone call came. Itwas ouruncle who needed the space and wanted toknowif we were still interested in having grandma's pontiac. YES, of course we wanted it. That spring, my husband, trailer in tow drove the 25hours to our uncles house and brought home grandma's car. We cherish it, not because it'san old car, but because it's a part of our family history!

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