robert j 1955 Nash Metropolitan Series II 2dr Coupe

fun on my honeymoon

while on leave from the Marine Corps my wife and i got married in 1968, i was 19. i borrowed my dad's little Met to go on our honeymoon. we went to the New Jersey shore in September. it was a little cold. the first thing we did was drive to the beach....right up to the waters edge. we were a little excited and kissed and talked about me having to leave at the end of the week. i really wasn't paying attention to the tide, Marine, not NAVY, and before we knew it the water was lapping at the front tires. when i tried to back the car up the sand was a little too wet and the car, as light as it was wouldn't move. all i could think of was having to call my dad to explain that the car was in the ocean. i found a lot of discarded beer and soda cans and made a ramp for the back tires to ride on. thank goodness that drinking was allowed on the beach then. we safely made it off the beach and we still laugh about it forty six years later. what makes this story really cool is my son gave me a 1956 Nash Met for Christmes four years ago. he is also into cars, big time.

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