angel G 1970 challenger Rt

finally mine!

I've always love muscle cars growing up. especially cause I had an uncle, my moms older brother,always restoring different kind of mopars and i would visit him often. I took interest in many different makes and models camaros, fastbacks,gtos,442, and the list goes on. mostly anything from the muscle car era. now the cars that got my attention were the car that I was exposed to the most(MOPARS!!!). The variety,the power,colors,different body styles,and rarity, made them my favorite.

After learning about the different styles of muscle cars the 1 that stood out the most was uncles 1970 Dodge Challenger rt. He's own this car since 1977. I was born in 85 so I took interest in this car in 95 or maybe even sooner. My uncle had a nice collection, no kids, but many nephews, so he had many of us drooling over his toys. As we got older and got more interest in his collection, so did my uncle. with my aunt breathing down his neck forcing him to downsize and me looking into buying a new challenger, this was the perfect opportunity.

my uncle had gotten many offer for his cars in the past but never did he consider selling them. I had just gotten married, just became a father,and new home owner, so my budget wasn't even close, but i needed to try. When i spoke to uncle never did i think he would accept my offer, and in payments! considering the offers he's gotten in the past. I know uncle understood our similar passion and he wanted to keep his toy in the family. Thanks to him and "my wife ofcourse" i now own the car i laid eyes on every time i would visit him...

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