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a bird like the one dated I dated my wife in

Rewind to 1978 I was 18 years old in high school , working part time in a grocery store for my gas money ect... I purchased a 1969 firebird, it was not stock, it had the day 2 done to it . I got it home sanded and repainted it .removed a cheap black paint job that a past owner had given it ( which was not the orignal color , should have been a dark green) my Dad helped out , and I learned a lot over the years from him. I chose a color of burgundy .

I met my girlfriend in september 1980, I was out of school but picked her up after school was out in that burgundy 69 firebird. We went to movies, to grab a burger , out on drives in that car. We got married in 1983, with 31 years of marriage now. As the story goes money was tight and I sold the bird.

Four years in the Airforce , raising two kids, a mortgage the years went by.

Twenty five years of marriage 2008, we celebrated by going on a cruise to the Caribbean. That same year I got the bug to get another firebird. I looked for another 69 bird. I drove to another state , and it turned up to be a rust bucket. I looked about every night on the internet on car sites for a prospect.

I found the ONE july of 2008 , in August it arrived to it's new home in Tennessee , my bird made it's long journey from the west coast ( California ) in a enclosed trailer. the truck driver fired it up it was music to my ears, as he backed it out it was love at first site . she came with the "black plates" and more.

when I drive her , I feel like i am 20 years old again in 1980 , my other first love next to me in the passenger. the open road and the tune of a pontiac v8 making a sweet note as we cruise down the road.

you may not be able to get back the years that time has spent, but when I crank up the 69 firebird there is memories from yesterday come flooding back. driving my 1969 pontiac firebird , with my now wife by my side. So yes these classic cars are time machines.

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