Dennis B 1954 Ford Mainline 4dr Sedan

a 53 that turned out to be a 54

My first car was a 1953 Ford Customline that I bought in 1958 for $175, at Whites Ford Garage in Ossipee NH home of the first Snomobile

a Model T with Rear Tracks. If you see the signs Welcome to Ossipee you will see the inscription. The car I loved and took it to College and ran

it on the highway with no problems, altough getting it up to 100MPH took some time. It also burned oild so came close to running out, so decided to fill it to the top and must have put too much in,

Now being a Ford Guy I always yearned to get another classic, so in 2010 sitting by the dock in Wolfeboro NH awaiting the Mount Washington

Cruise Boat a friend of mine said he was going to sell some of his cars. I asked what he had. Among others was a 1953 Ford and I said

with excitement I am interested. It had been sitting in his garage for nearly 40 years. He had bought it in Ct. and moved to NC went to

NC State and also drove it across country to Ca. stopping at the Coors Brewery. I bought it after peeking at it in his dark garage. It was toured

to a friends backyard garage and he worked on it in his spare time for a long time. It was running and a new glass pac I did not need duals

After a paint job she almost looked like my 1953.

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