Ira L 1958 Chevrolet Biscayne 2dr Sedan

Would you believe--a truck clutch?

Yes, it was only a two door plain black Biscayne sedan sitting nicely in the driveway. It didn't put on any airs because it was originally only a small block 283 with a three speed on the column. However, what it became is a whole story in itself.

In 1962 the thing to do was give it "more power". That was easily accomplished by adding 3X 2 barrel carburetors with straight linkage and changing the transmission every week by going to the local wreckers. Eventually a Hurst floor shifter was installed and that seemed to end the second gear problem in the transmission.

Of course it never ends and a chevy pickup truck clutch was the next modification.Yes, it gave tremendous bite off the line,

and we could literally pull the wheels a few inches at each stoplight encounter. However, since the car had a typical bench seat in the front, the bolts that held it in place were strained to their limit. The acceleration forces actually were enough to tear these bolts from their anchors in the floor boards. Needless to say that whenever we had the driver and one or two passengers in the front they became hysterical when someone challenged us at a light and I popped the clutch allowing all of us to wind up with our feet in the air. This was a very embarrassing and resulted in endless laughter both for the occupants and our competitors.

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