Jonathan T

Wore Out Javelin

My dad has restored many cars throughout my lifetime and has always had a special attraction to American Motors cars. One of my favorite memories concerns a 1969 Big Bad Blue Javelin that he had come across in his searching. He unloaded the car and as I was about 13 at the time, was eager to ride in it. It was in bad shape with some rust and grunge from sitting for several years. I badgered him enough that we drained the fluids, filled it back up and set about turning the motor over. Surprisingly, the motor fired off without too much coaxing. Although smoke was rolling out the tail pipes, dad said "get in." Luckily, I grabbed our old VHS recorder that I had been taking some video of the car with. With my dad sitting on a pillow (due to the driver's seat being rotted out), we set about a test drive on a local back road. Amazingly the old car pulled hard. He stopped in the middle of the road and proceeded to run through the gears all the while I tried to hold the camera steady. A cloud of smoke (from the engine mostly) was was in our wake. Looking back, I can't get over how the old car ran even after being so worn out and ragged. Dad later went on to fully restore the car and enjoyed it for several years.

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