Joyce L 1955 Ford F150

Women whould not drive standards, or should they?

It was a fine day on 7/7/1977 that I bought this old red truck for my mechanic boyfriend. I thought it was a loan, but sometimes, you know how that goes. It was in pretty decent shape, no dents, no dings - nice body lines. His other vehicle was a souped up car, a Dodge with a hood scoop; but he was in need of a truck for his job getting parts from junk yards, etc. He must have kept that truck for over 30 years. I sure wish he'd given it back to me - but men are men - and he was no longer my man! As the story goes, my car was a 1964 Ford Thunderbird, special order coral; my driveway was a single wide and my boyfriend had come to for dinner and had been up all night working on cars. He parked behind mine and he'd fallen asleep on my couch. Our hang out was Dunkin Donuts, and I wasn't in the mood for napping, I was a good girl who kept normal hours, being in college and all that; so I took his keys and wanted to go for a coffee. They didn't have cell phones in those days (not to the normal folks anyhow) and I get the keys for the truck and find reverse, and then first gear, etc and get about a half a mile down the road and the truck starts smoking and fire is coming up from under the shifter. I pulled over and ran to a house to use a phone to call my house. Good thing my old Nickie answered; boy wass I afraid to tell him that his truck was burning. When long comes to short, did you ever hear about a parking brake? I didn't, I drove an automatic. What's a parking brake? Well, the truck didn't burn up and I wan't in too much trouble, the parking brake overheated and caught the insulation on fire - the only real damage was my pride; and he no longer left his keys on the counter. JL Northwood, NH

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