Edward W

Winter Adventure

During the winter of 1967, I was a student at Penn State University and I would often ride with a friend to my home for the weekends. One of my friends had a 1962 Austin-Healey 3000 Convertible which we would often drive around our local area and in State College, PA just for fun.

One particular February Saturday after morning classes were over, my friend, another guy who would sometimes ride to his parents home, and myself all piled into the '62 Healey for the 4 hour drive back to the suburban Philadelphia area. The plan was for me to ride in the back seat, of what was there, with the top down and then when we reached Harrisburg, PA we would switch for the remaining trip to home. That seemed like a good plan with all conditions considering. I was dressed in several layers of clothes to be topped with a very warm stadium coat with a hood and gloves. I sort of looked like the large family dog tucked in the back seat of that Healey.

All was going well as we winded our way down through the mountains toward Harrisburg to our intended switch over. As my foggy memory permits, I had a very good ride with open air driving in temperatures in the low 30's and we waved to other drivers as we drove along.

We pulled off the road in Harrisburg a few miles before we entered onto the Pennsylvania Turnpike to erect the convertible top. Good thing because as we were completing putting the top up, the skies opened up and it started to rain. I switched seats with the other guy who happened to be about 6'2" and I was 5'9". I remember looking back over my shoulder at him folded up in the back seat and wondering how the remaining one and a half hours would bode for our back seat passenger. The rain continued to intensify as we continued our trip east from Harrisburg.

The return trip on Sunday was driven with the top up starting in the early evening and arriving back in State College late that night.

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