Mark F MiG 17A

Why fly when you can drive

It's cheaper to drive than fly when you burn 300 to 400 gallons per hour. Yes, you get there quicker, but, you still have to stop to refuel every hour. This was a relocation trip for the MiG from Ontario, Oregon to Grissom AFB, Indiana where it will be reassembled to fly as part of the World Heritage Air Museum (like us on Facebook). The 1996 Ford F-350 PowerMax diesel got around 8.6 gallons per hour and averaged 60 mph unless hills or mountains (going up) were evolved. At over 8,000 feet crossing the Rocky Mountains, third gear at 30 mph was the slowest I ever went, but the engine temp was getting close to the "I don't want to do this any more" range. Turning the heat on max made the F-350 happy, not so for myself. A bigger cab would be nice for the room and a longer wheel base for a smother ride, but this truck is all there is for now. More trips ahead include another MiG 17 relocation from Airazona. Now, if I only got frequent driver miles....

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