Rick H 2000 Chevrolet Corvette 2dr Coupe

Why I own a Corvette, or... It's all your fault Route 66!

It's August 1962 and we are headed northeast from Pennsylvania to a small town called Norway, Maine. We are going to visit Dad's World War II Army buddy and his family. It's a long ride in a '52 Plymouth Cranbrook, you know an upside down bathtub sitting on another upside down bathtub. To me, a 13 year old kid, that's all it was!

So we get there and and a few days go by, then "Bill", Dad's buddy says we are going for a short ride (note: short rides in New England last about 5 hours). We head for a place named "Poland Spring, Maine". Bill wants us to see this famous hotel, but before we get there we find most of the roads leading to it are blocked off. Bill says, "Not to worry, we'll park the caw and walk!" Oh boy, just what I wanted...but then I hear something, a rumbling something, and down the gravel lane comes car I've never seen before...it's a brand spankin new 1963 Silver Split Window Corvette...and I've got my camera ready! Who's driving it? Marty Milner! He turns onto the paved road, tires singing, exhaust rumbling...and in a flash, he's gone.

We walk to where a crowd has formed and I take more pictures and Marty Milner returns. He's very friendly and waves to all of us. We come to find that "Route 66" is filming 2 episodes at Poland Spring.

Move forward to 1965 and by now my Dad has heard all about Corvettes from me. Now unbeknownest to me, a co-worker of my Dad moonlights as a mechanic for a well known hillclimb driver, and Dad makes arrangements for "Tommy" to stop by our house in "Al's" Corvette. It's July '65 and up pulls a '65 brown Vert with a small black Playboy Bunny on the side. Tom comes to our door and asks if I'd like a ride. Need I tell my answer? One half hour later we return...and I'm all smiles.

So since that day in Maine, and again at home in '65, I've had a special place for Corvettes and this is why I now own one!

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