Lee E 1963 Chevrolet Corvette 2dr Convertible

Who inspired the love of automobiles in you?

Many people, assuming cars to be strictly an inherited interest, are quick to presume that my strong passion for classic cars was passed down from my father. While it is true that Dad can hold a certain level of interest in automobiles (he after all, speaks fondly of the dk. green/yellow metallic 1975 Mustang II of his youth), cars is not one of the many hobbies we often share together. Rather, it is my Uncle and his modest collection of 1940's - 1960's automobiles that inspired my passion for classic Detroit steel. Of these, there is one car in particular which started it all.

Among my fondest childhood memories is visiting my Grandmother in Iowa and running out to the barn where I would insist upon having a look at the sports car parked inside. I still recall it all - the cool, damp air when first entering the building - fumbling in the darkness to find the light switch - breathing in the wonderfully musty smell of motor oil and mothballs - and the thrill of pulling back the cover to gaze upon the shiny, gold Corvette. Sometimes when my cousins visited, we would hide behind the seats in the convertible top well. I did not fully appreciate at the time just how unique a car it was - a 1963 Sting Ray roadster with lake pipes, flared fenders and rallye's - but knew that one day, I would need to have one too.

Alas, the '63 was eventually sold, the proceeds funding a backyard in the ground swimming pool at my Aunt and Uncle's, which also brought many fond memories, but not the same. Like my Uncle, I purchased a Corvette shortly after graduating school - a 1991 convertible, which has its own stories, but can never take the place of that gold '63 roaster. Perhaps someone reading this story may recognize the car - and one day we be reunited.

Who inspired the love of automobiles in you?

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