Marie B 1961 Metropolitan Nash

Who Needs Gas

When I was in Junior High my Dad got me a yellow and white 1961 Metropolitan Nash. My boy friend, who is now my husband of 44 years, always drove me everywhere. He lived about 10 miles from me. In high school rather than him taking the bus home from football practice, I would drive him home. My gas indicator was always broken and I would just put 50cents worth of gas - every once in awhile. Well, we were always running out of gas as I took him home and, although he was tired from football practice, he would have to walk the miles to and back for gas. I wish I could say this only happened once, but no, all throughout high school. Must have been love. We will celebrate our 45 wedding anniversary this next January. He bought my now 1961 Met for my 40th birthday. Just a few years back.ha

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