Ron H 1964 Pontiac GTO Convertible

What was I thinking or were all cars too cool?

In 1964 my dad took me to the local GM dealership were he bought nothing but Oldsmobiles.

They had just unloaded a 1964 Pontiac GTO Convertible, black with white top, red inside, 389 3 deuce, 4 speed. I drove the car home! The first muscle car made quite an impression on me and everyone who was around it. At the time I was playing bass guitar in a local band that had some regional success and by putting a hitch on the GTO it made a great way to pull our equpment trailer to gigs.

About this same time, Ford came out with a new car named the Mustang. While not as cool as my Goat, it was getting a lot of attention from the public and selling like hotcakes. In 1966, I spotted a new Mustang fastback in LIme Green with a 289 with a floor shifter. I made a deal to trade my Goat for the Mustang. I went back to the dealership two days later to pick up my new Stang. As I left the dealership, I looked back to see the Goat sitting there with all the memories of my young life still in that car. I thought to myself, what the "Hell" did I just do!

The Mustang was ok but I will never forget the one that got away, my 1964 Goat Convertible!

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