Frazer K 1967 Pontiac Firebird 2dr Convertible

West Bank Daze 2

The summer of 2014 Started on a sad note, my beautiful mother, a cancer survivor had a relapse and was hospitalized about a month ago. She felt some pain in her hip and back .The doctors irradiated her and prescribed chemo to no avail and before long she was at the hospice. Many people and relatives came to pay their final respects and before long she died in my father’s arms as he stayed with her on that last night. They had spent the last ten years or so running a Bed and breakfast from our family cabin that my father built with his own hands. He was an avid hot-rodder and was a greaser in his youth building and racing cars with his brothers Larry and Jim. Larry is well known in Drag racing circles as a machinist and engine builder passing the driving on to his Daughter and Son in law. My father Ian has so-far spent his retirement restoring some of his beloved cars and showing them in the Okanagan valley area. He traded me a Dodge Dakota four-wheeler for my 1967 Firebird convertible that I bought in Calgary from our local Barber, as I had no garage in was starting to deteriorate under its tarp during the long cold Canadian winters. Before long he had completely restored the entire thing .He rebuilt the engine the two speed slush box transmission the rear end and interior. For his first show he lost out to another because the stripe along the side had been repainted by the first owners and the daughter didn't like the thinness of it, so they embellished the size by about a centimeter which the judges noticed and penalized my father’s score because of. Well he could not have this so into the paint shop it went. He soon was winning shows and accumulated several trophies and plaques. He then bought a 2002 Firebird convertible and increased his exhibit to the first and last of these cars with story boards and even a video of Smokey and the Bandit playing to mention the link between the Firebirds and Hollywood. He and my Mother spent some of their last of fifty two years together enjoying showing their His and Hers Firebirds. This year however It is my turn to take the wheel of one of these beloved automobiles and our first show was Westbank Daze at Kelowna B.C. I will always remember the comradely and bonding with my father over this show and hope to participate in many more.

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