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My wife is the owner of a 67 MGB which I am lucky enough to maintain and make improvements to. A couple years ago I became fasinated with the thought of converting the fuel system to EFI. I did look at several systems on the market and also gave the home grown version a whirl but i decided if i want to do this I want something that would restore or exceed performance of what the was on the car from the manufacturer. So I came across the web site from Patton Machine who offers exactly what l was looking for. It is a very well thought out kit which utilizes the SU carb bodies. With minimal changes all of which can be easily reversed if one would want to. Electronic Fuel Injected can be easily added even by the novice mechanic. I did purchase the system from Patton Machine and finally installed it. The installation went well and all the components fit well and the installation went smooth. I did have to do a little engineering on the fuel lines and where to place various components but that was minimal. The actual install took about a week working on it an hour or two per day. At the end of the week came the time to turn the key past to on position to the start position and it sprang to life relatively easy. After running it up to temp I found the performace and power to be better than it ever was, starting the engine also seemed way better than when the old downdraft Weber was in place. All and all it was a great upgrade. I must say after making the decission to do this and doing the work it was a great feeling actually witnessing the fruits of my work when i did start it the first time. I recommend this upgrade to anyone who wants to restore power,performance and dependability to their car. Rick Patton of Patton Machine provided excellent support for his product and also has the passion to provide quality products for the hobbist and collector car market.

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