Edgar, Jr. D 1958 Chevrolet Series 3200 1/2 Ton 2dr Stepside Pickup

Wedding day!

I gave a short version of this story before, I really believe it's the most romantic "Truck story " ever. After I had proposed to my girl friend on bended knee while she was in the passenger seat of the truck. We made plans to be married the following year. We live in the country, our house is set in a field That slopes downhill from the tree line above. We keep a wide path mowed through the field up to the tree line because we have a memorial garden for my wife's son who passed away on his 19th birthday. We decided to make it a very happy place of memories as well. My fiancé did an amazing job of decorating the area with the most beautiful flowers, Vases hanging from the trees, arrangements cascading off the gates to the woods. ribbons of papers with romantic thoughts a phrases hanging off tree branches. A gorgeous July afternoon in the sun, later in the day so the shade came over us in perfect timing. Acoustic guitar, and Mandolin playing. A choir starts singing "Happy together" and my future bride comes DRIVING up the "Isle" in our beautiful 1958 truck. Amazed I was able to remain standing we vowed our love for each other. At our reception my wife had prerecorded herself singing "Every part of me" by Steve Earl for our first dance. Later the choir sang their rendition of "Oh my darling Clemintine" for us. We should have made it a 48 hour long wedding because it went by way too fast!!!!!!

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