Tom H

Wedding Day - October 17, 1981

I married my beautiful wife Rosanne on this glorious sunny fall day!

The ceremony was amazing as well as the reception we had later that day. There is nothing quite as good as the big band sounds with plenty of brace instruments being played, the sound & music really put us all "In The Mood!!!

We were driven to and from the ceremony in the '50 Fleetline, what a great day!

Unfortunately fate reared it's ugly head & I lost my beautiful wife to brain cancer on March 5, 2010.

She always said to me; "Tom, will you ever finish a project that you start?"

Well the project; the '50 Fleetline began about six years ago to turn it from an original to a custom.

The chassis & drivetrain have been updated & I am currently driving it. The sheet metal, body work, paint & interior are next on the list.

One way or another this project will get finished & my beautiful Rosanne will be remembered in the pin striping that will be applied to the finished product.

God bless you Rosanne, 'till we're together again.

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