Philip B 1953 F-100 Pickup

We're all in this together!

While cruising in my 1953 F-100, I went by a house I had passed often but this time the garage door was up revealing a 1940 Ford sedan and a 1956 F-100 was idling in the driveway. I had to stop. An older man soon came out of the house. He was working on the truck (for a friend, it turns out). John was the proud builder of the '40 Ford and we had an enjoyable conversation about cars. He had built a half dozen old cars and and trucks and the '40 was his last and best. When it was time to leave, my '53 wouldn't start; nothing but the solenoid clicking away. We found that the starter cable was worn and very hot at the solenoid end. John gave me wrenches to take the cable out. He cut it back to put a new connector on it. Sure that the problem was fixed, I installed the repaired cable, but still got nothing but clicking and heat. I was blocking John's driveway and I was about to call Hagerty for a tow home when John suggested we try something that worked in the "old days." We put the truck in third and rocked it back and forth. There was a pop. When John told me to try starting it, it lit right up. I don't know whose smile was broader. John figured that the starter gear had already meshed with the flywheel when the cable failed, binding the stater motor and keeping it from turning. The rocking motion had moved the flywheel just enough to allow the gear to spring back and the starter to turn.

As I pulled out of John's driveway, I thought about the many friendly, helpful people I had met just because of my classic truck and the sense of community owning a classic creates.

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