Rick C 1967 Chevrolet C20 3/4 Ton 2dr Stepside Pickup

Way back when

Years ago when I was nine or ten years old , my old man bought a 1967 chevy c20 step side. It was robin egg blue , 292 six cylinder with 4 speed stick . Man I fell in love with that truck . I remember cruising down the road with pop driving me and my two brothers sitting there, at the top of every hill he would shut it down to coast down hill to save fuel we were poor so I could under stand . That was the truck I learned how to drive a stick in . We had her for few years but money was hard we had to sell the old girl . I was a teenager probably 16-17 , I was in school for auto body , I wanted to restore her . It's been my dream now for a while to own another 67 maybe one day I can give my kids the same good old memories that have been given to me.

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