Ron M 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air 2dr Sport Coupe

Wanda's 57

I've always like cars from my Vega to my 67 SS Nova, then I married a gal that liked cars too, but her likes were about 10 years older than mine because ever since we got married back in the 70's she wanted a 57 Chevy like her brother had. Well in 1991 I ran across a 57 a older gentleman had stuck in his lawn mower shed in Walnut Cove, NC. Paid him a visit to look at the car and of course it's what she wanted, still stock 283-power glide, with different paint from original and some ugly seat coves. She struck a deal with the gentleman (his wife told us no twice) and I told her it was hers so she got to drive the 90 miles back to the our house in the middle of July. Well coming down I-40 she couldn't keep from grinning and waving to all the truck drivers that notice the Ole 57 running 65 mph on the interstate. We made a stop at a truck stop near Catawba, NC for a little break, she pulled her 57 up among all the trucks and went inside the building to get a drink. Upon returning to where she left the car, to our surprise it was gone, you talk about a sick woman, but as we rounded the corner of the building we saw the front end of the 57 sticking up out of a ditch, she didn't know she had to give the gear shift a little extra push to get it in park. Well I drove it out of the ditch while she cried about tearing up Her 57, upon inspection the only damage was that when it hit the dirt bank on the backside of the ditch it drove the dual exhaust up under the car and they were dragging the ground, I used my belt, rags and bungy cords to tie up the exhaust for the remaining 30 miles. We went straight to the muffler shop and got everything fixed. Well she drove her 57 occasionally till we put both kids through college, never complaining about the old car smelling or any of the things old original cars do. Finally we got started and turned it into what you see in the pictures, something that everyone likes to look at, it took several years of patience and parts collecting to finally get to what all our neighbors and friends call "Wanda's 57" and actually the state of North Carolina does too!!!

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