Kathleen S 1968 Chevrolet Corvair Monza 2dr Convertible

WOOOSH - and it was gone!

It was the summer of 1969 and I was 10 years old sitting in the backseat of my mother's cherry red 1968 Corvair Monza convertible, which had the top down. I wore the typical outfit for the time and day, a sleeveless lime green dress, anklets and PF flyers and a white eyelet lace triangle hat; the kind one would tie under or behind the neck. As we were flying down the Southfield expressway, I got a bright idea - why not take off my hat and fly it like a kite from one end of the tie string as we continued down the expressway! And so I did. Before I undertook the activity, I carefully took off my hat so as not to lose it from the wind that was gushing into the back seat and tied a knot at the end of the string to give me grasping power. I then situated myself in the far left corner of the back seat to ensure my mother didn't see what I was up to. Kneeling on the back seat and facing the rear of the car, I took knotted tie string between my thumb and forefinger and to my delight my triangle hat took flight and was flapping in the wind. What people must have thought when they saw this little freckled red headed girl with a pixie haircut that blowing every which way from the wind in the backseat of the car waiving her white triangle hat back in forth! (They probably thought I was an unruly mischievous child and if my mother knew what I was up to I would be in trouble.) Cars passed us by and my delight with my flying triangle hat continued until all of a sudden - WOOOOSH, a big gust of wind tugged the string from my grasp and my triangle hat was gone! First shock overcame me as I saw my hat drifting away and embarrassment and fear quickly followed as I quickly turned and sat in my seat. I was embarrassed because of the many drivers who had been witnessing my antics (I suspect were laughing their heads off when they saw me lose my hat), and I was fearful my mother happened to see what I had done and I would get in trouble for acting up as well as losing my hat. But in the end, nothing happened except that I lost my hat and I never played up like that again in the backseat of my mother's Corvair. I still have that Corvair (50K+ original miles) that I restored years ago for my mother and that I now own and drive to my delight in the summer, but without a triangle hat string in my grasp. :-)

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