Gary L 1967 Porsche 912 2dr Coupe

Very surprised and pleased

After finding my 1967 912 in 1976, it became my only car for the next three years. I used it for everything; my daily commuter, traveling throughout California to visit friends, my "dating" car, my grocery shopper, everything. Once I was able to afford having more than one car, it became my "backup" car, for the most part going out a few times a year on trips, the rest of the time staying in the garage. Over the next 35 years, I bought and sold numerous cars, but have always kept the 912. In 2010 I bought another older Porsche, a 1987 Carrera Targa. Due to our Porsche Region having a minimum of four events a month, I began alternating the two cars between events, with the 912 going out on the 2nd and 4th weeks, and the Targa going out on the 1st and 3rd weeks. At one of our 4th Saturday events, my 912 was parked in a parking lot in Newport Beach. When I came out to the parking lot I was met by photographer Steve Perlin who said he saw my car parked in the parking lot and would like to use it in a future photo shoot. With all the other beautiful, newer Porsches parked in the same lot, I was a little surprised he'd want to use my 47-year-old car for his photo shoot. On June 18th, Steve used the 912 in a photo shoot in Santa Ana. While the photos were being taken I was contacted by two men just walking by who offered me quite a bit of money to sell my car. Naturally, as I tell most who ask me, I really don't want to sell this car I've owned for 38 years, it's like a family member. If you take a look at the photo (© 2014 Steve Perlin), I think you'll see why Steve wanted to use an older Porsche, rather than a newer Porsche, in his photographs. I was more than pleased that Steve chose my car for his photos. It felt good that someone else recognized the beauty of this 47-year-old baby of mine...

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