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Very First Car Show

In 1990 I was driving down one of the back roads where I live with my motorcycle, my wife and I were on our way to get something to eat. While going around a big curve in the road, I saw a 1954 Pontiac sitting in the ditch in front of an old farm house with a for sale sign on it. While because we were both hungry we didn't stop, but on the way home we did. I went up to the house but no one answered the door, but there was a phone number on the cars window that I wrote down. When I got home I called the number and got an answering machine, and I left a message asking about the car. A few hours later a gentlemen called me back and told me that it was his grandfathers car that was purchased brand new in the town I live in, and that he had passed away. While I purchased the car that night, drove it right over to my friend that owns a body shop in town. That weekend I stripped all the chrome off the car, and my friend patched up the rust and repainted for me. Two weeks after I purchased the car I entered it in my very first car show, and I won the Best In Show Trophy. That Pontiac is still in my garage today.

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    srtephane on July 13, 2014 at 23:04
    I have this hood ornaments. Now I know which Pontiac car it goes on. Thanks.

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