John J

Two Beauties

It all started in 1968 after I saw the movie BULLITT with Steve McQueen, my quest to find a Mustang like the one in Steve McQueen's movie had began. Two years later as a senior in high school I found a 1967 GT 390 4 Speed Fastback Mustang, Moss Green in color, close enough to the BULLITT Mustang for me. This car was a beauty to me and I was cruising everywhere in it. Shortly after graduating from high school I got a call from my sister that a friend of hers needed a ride home from work and asked me if I could give her a ride home. Little did I know this girl I picked up in my Mustang would be the most beautiful girl I had ever met and that ride I gave her would change our lives forever. We dated and got married about a year later and that was 42 years ago. This Mustang has been a part of our lives ever since to include our two children and four grandchildren.

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