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Turbo blue cheaper than theropy?

I met my husband in highschool auto mechanics class in the early 80's. our pathes crossed several times throughout the years and we finally got married in 2001. 5 years Bill was diagnosed with diabetes, got laid off from his job as a semi truck mechanic and became very depressed. Ii couldnt bear seeing him in this downword spiral so my search becan. i came across a shell of a car on eBay, a 1968 pontiac firebird ehich had allwAys been his dream car but we could never afford one. So I purchased the car for $1500.00 and we dragged it home.

I don't think he was to impressed with the car at first but over the years of hitting swap meets and working on the car together it really took shape, brought us together and lifted his spirits. We became became fabricators, painters and detailers. He returned to work and before you know it we had a beautiful car 4 years later.

Our first road trip was to the Woodward dream cruise, the car only had bucket seats inside, no carpet, door panels, etc. what adventure it was, It rained the car threw a belt, it over heated, the rain leaked through the rotted weather seals, ran out of gas sitting in the traffic and we had a ball. Before heading home he pulled out a peice of soap stone and wrote our names on the floor board between the bucket seats with the date 8/27/2010.

My husband died 2 months later and I'm still hitting the swap meets looking for those few missing treasured pieces. The car that once was meant to heal my husband now helps me heal. Every time I drive it wether to the gas station or a cruise someone has to start a conversation about one the had or a family member had.

The signature is now under carpet but the memory is still in my heart. Everytime I open the garage door it's like seeing an old freind and I'm so proud to have such an amazing car.

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