susan d

True Love UNDER the DROP HEAD COUPE..........

We were newly married and living in Connecticut in 1959. My hubby acquired a Jaguar and we also found out we were expecting our first child. It was one of those frigid Ct. winters and we did have a garage; unfortunately it was unheated and we had to keep the door open to work on the Jag. Since we were inseparable, we did every thing together, including working on the Jag ! A LOT. The dear little Jag had a lot of minor problems and yours truly always wound up on the floor under the rear of the Jag, listening for this sound and that. My husband would be working under the hood and I would be stretched out as best I could UNDER the car assisting him in finding the source of the engine, electrical (MANY electrical problems and whatever else might be wrong. As the weeks went by we were still working on the Jag but my help UNDER the car was coming to a halt or I might be caught under there for good! We had a lot of fun working on that car together and getting stranded in all the worst possible senarios but after 55 yrs. of marriage, two "car kids" and dozens of classics,we are still working on our classics together! Now I am the detail gal. Would not have it any other way!

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