Mark F 1958 Volkswagen Type 2 transporter

Trooper on My Tail

I was caravanning 221 miles back home from an annual Volkswagen split-window bus show in Florida behind my buddy in our '58 and '61 VW pick-up trucks. A state trooper came up behind me, and though he had numerous opportunities to pass us on the long, pin-straight rural road, he stayed on my tail for what seemed like an eternity. We were approaching a small town so I phoned my buddy up ahead and suggested we pull off into the a McDonald's so we might get rid of him.

Not to be shaken so easily, the trooper turned around, followed us into the parking lot and pulled up alongside me. He walked over - and pointing to the truck - asked if these were our vehicles. We expected to be cited or grilled for some unknown minor infraction but much to our surprise, he said he was hoping we'd pull off somewhere so he could check out our trucks! He proclaimed his love for our rides and asked to take some pictures and sit in the trucks! A good day gone better!

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