Vincent J 1997 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme SL 4dr Sedan


On a cold evening In November of 2008 while driving in New Brunswick, NJ, my 1997 Oldsmobile experienced major difficulty and malfunction. Although, I am not a mechanic, this break down was unlike my usual stall and oil light readings. The engine had no movement while I attempted to turn the ignition, although the motor seemed strong and clearly reliable. Because of the cold weather in New Jersey, I choose to stay in the vehicle until a tow truck or some other source of automobile help appeared. My reason for being in New Brunswick was for work, the following day, clearly my need for transportation was required. Well, after about one hour or two, the owner of a local gas station arrived to check out his employee; the good thing was that my break down was about 20 feet from his building. He had his tow driver move my vehicle from the street onto his station. Despite the friendliness, of the owner, he advised me that nothing could be done at this time of the evening, so the car would have to stay at his facility until the next morning. Although, my home is in New Jersey, my lack of being recognized in the city of New Brunswick was apparent because of the lack of motels in the surrounding area. So, I had to walk maybe a mile or two before I could find shelter for the night. The next morning upon my arrival back at the point of break down, the mechanic had already solved my problem and had the answer to my question of what was wrong with the car. A transmission was needed! Luckily down the road from the gas station, maybe about 1/2 of a mile was a AAMCO transmission shop. So, I communicated with the shop and explained my problem, they immediately had a tow truck pick up my car and financed the new transmission. Thus my experience in a historic vehicle.

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