nelson r

Too New '67 Firebird

My dad bought me a brand new 1967 Firebird practically the day they arrived in showrooms. I was seeing a girl named Betty at the time at Michigan State who knew her cars. (She use to say her dad "had a Back-A-Ruddah"), Anyway, as soon as I got to my dorm with my new car after coming from Brighton, Mi after picking it up, I called her and told her I had a new car. She asked what it was. I told her "It's a Firdbird" (It was a 2 door OVHC-6 gold with a white top - I've never seen another with that color combination) She said "There's no car named Firebird! " I said "Oh yes there is and I have one! It's Pontiac's version of the Camaro" Well she didn't believe me so I had to drive it over to her dorm to show her. THEN she believed me. It was fun because Betty really DID know her cars. I know I'll never be able to do something like THAT again.

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