mike B 1967 BSA 441 Victor


I was fresh into the military and got my first motorcycle. It was a twin cylinder honda with high pipes. A rather heavy street bike used for lots of off road. That was traded for the love of my life (at the time). A BSA 441 Victor. 13.5 compression ratio. You HAD to use the compression release to start it. Seemed like it fired at every telephone pole when going down the road. I could roll through an intersection and lift the front wheel in every gear. Which I did often. It handed in the dirt, maybe a little heavy for a motocrosser but It was the most fun since the invention of sex. I hauled that bike cross country, from Oklahoma to California to Florida. After 71 trips around the sun, I still lust for that bike.

441 Victor..................... brings a smile and great memories.

I remember telling my mom what BSA stands for: Bastard stopped again.

She loved it!

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