Steve T 1960 Apache 10 step side

This ones for you Dad !!

Fifteen years ago I received a phone call from my son in law that his uncle had a late 50's step side for sale, it was a basket case but he thought I should look at it. Everyone in my family knew that I was looking for a project to do in memory of my father, who took his time to teach me everything I know about automobiles from appearence to total restorations. My father passed away in 1977 with a dream of owning an early 60's Chevy step side.

When I got to the address of the truck that was for sale I was very surprised to see it was a 1960 Apache 10 short box step side. Missing everything except the cab, box and a freshly powder coated frame ( RED ) I had to get tires, rear end and spindles, steering column and hubs to get it home, needless to say my wife wasn't impressed.

I decided to do upgrades such as 350, th350 and a 3.73 rear end but I didn't want to modify the body in any way. I did use the later hood but kept the body stock.

Through the years I've added custom gauages, and a few other billet items but this truck can easily be put back to stock condition. I did change out the front end to a 72 disc brake 5 bolt that was from the same donor truck that I got the 3.73 rear end from.

I remember through the build I would consider what my father taught me and what I thought he would want to do to this truck.

I've been very happy with the way it turned out and I get lots of thumbs up where ever I go, I think to my self eveytime I see a thumbs up, This ones for you Dad !!

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