BILL D 67 RS/SS 360 daul quad 4 speed

This one did not get away

This was my first car and it did not get away! I have owned the car for 46 years and I'm the 4th owner. I sold the car once, but I couldn't sleep, so I reneged on the deal. The car was originally some sort of factory ordered race car. It was a cross between a Z28 with dual quads, a 4 speed, 350 V8, twin rear end locator bars, 373/12 bolt posi rear, and RS/SS upgrades. The car was only driven on Sundays at the local drag strip and kept breaking parts. I converted the car to a street brawler. My camaro now has a Miller Cycle 350 and a built turbo 400 trans. The car has been banked around over the years, but the car is always brought back to gorgeous. The car wears 295/50/15's in the rear and 265/50/15's in the front on Truspokes. We have a new full tilt 350 waiting in the wings, but the current engine refuses to give up, even after 20 years. The car was originally blue, then black primer, and currently silver, the interior is black. Oh and my real CT plates are USA 1.

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