Bill S 1971 Chevrolet Corvette 2dr Convertible

Their loss, his gain

My brother has always loved corvettes. When he went in to the army in 1968, his dream was to have a new corvette when he was discharged. A few months before his discharge in April 1971, he placed an order for a 1971 corvette convertible thru the civilian purchasing agency the army was contracted with. The agent went over the options available starting with the engine. My brother wanted the 454 with 425hp, however, the agency did not have a price listing for it. He chose the option anyway and the agent told him he could cancel it if he wanted once they received the pricing. The other options were AM/FM radio and removable hardtop. A few weeks later, the agent contacted my brother and told him the option price for the engine was $1200.00. That was more than my brother could afford so he canceled the 454 425hp and chose the 454 365hp engine. He received the corrected order and looked forward to picking up the car when he was discharged.

After his discharge, he picked up the corvette at the designated dealership and started to drive home. He stopped after a few miles because the car seemed to be running rough at idle and low speeds. When he stopped to check things out, that was when he noticed the engine designation on the console.....454ci and 425 hp. He opened the hood and sure enough, there sat the aluminum headed 454 with 425hp. About a month later, he received a letter from GM purchasing stating that he owed them an additional $1200.00. My brother sent them his corrected purchasing agreement showing the deleted 454 425hp engine option. He never heard from them again.....

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