Curt A 1966 Ford Mustang 2dr Convertible

The realty of driving a 'bitchen' car

Aging, as my father always said, isn't for pansies. Your body starts to fail you and you simply no longer have the good looks you had in your youth. So, when I finished the restoration of my '66 Mustang convertible and took it out for the "look at my car" evening drives, I noticed women looking at ME and smiling far more often than in recent years.

I had suddenly become good looking!

At least that is what I thought. However, it didn't take long for me to realize that it was the car ... not me.

Regardless, I'll continue to live in my delusional world of age denial and do what I can to convince myself that all of those women are interested in me instead of my car.

The question is ... who is more shallow? ... Me or those women!

OK ... time to go for a drive!

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