Dan G 1967 Pontiac GTO 2dr Convertible

The one that started it all over 30 years ago...

Its was the summer of '82 in Ohio and I was 5 years old standing up in the back seat of my dads red 67 Tempest Convertible at the local drive-in watching E.T. This was my first fond memory of the car that my dad had restored and made to look like a GTO, back before anyone ever heard of a "clone" or "tribute" car. During the restoration process he had amassed quite a few GTO parts and a few cars at which point he begun buying/selling them. He sold the car in 1984 to a man in Chicago, I remember sad that summer afternoon as I watched someone else drive off in dad's convertible. Over the course of my childhood and to this very day my father and I have continued to collect classic Pontiac's and GTO's, made a business out of it and truly enjoy helping other enthusiast to rebuild these wonderful cars. Flash forward to 2002 as I am a young engineer sitting at my desk at an automotive manufacturer, when the phones rings and my dad asks "what are you doing tonight"? 8 hours later and a trip to Chicago we were once again reunited with the old red 67 convertible. A little worse for wear, but still the car that we both loved and the car that had started it all. Restoration begins fall 2014. Thanks dad!

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