Kevin F

The one that didn't get away

About 10 years ago I saw a beautiful black 1948 Buick Super on an old calendar. I was just blown away with the coolness of this car. Down in the bottom corner of the picture in small print there was a name and hometown of the owner which just so happened to be a short distance from where I live. I looked up the guys name in the phone book and decided to give him a call and see if I might get an opportunity to look at this fine car in person. The man that answered the phone was very friendly and I think he was surprised that I had seen that old calendar and even more surprised that I would look him up and want to see his car. He told me I was welcome to come over but the car wasn't really cleaned up very well. I said that's OK with me so I took the half hour ride to go look at the car. I was so excited as I hadn't seen a 48 in a long time and it was one of my all-time favorites. He met me in the driveway and we exchanged pleasantries. He said he was 83 years old and was the second owner of the car. We then walked out to his large barn and over in the corner in the dim light sat the big black Buick. It was covered with dust and pigeon droppings but it was still beautiful. He apologized profusely but said he just didn't have the energy to take care of it anymore. I asked him if it ran and he said he thought it would start right up even though it hadn't been started in about a year. He jumped in and cranked it over for several minutes while pumping the heck out of the gas pedal and damn if it didn't start. That straight 8 just purred like kitten. The oil pressure was strong and he turned on the lights and now I could see the car a little better. He told me to jump in and he drove it right out of the barn and right out to the road and we went for a ride. The bias ply tires were thumping a bit from sitting but that classic Buick ride was there. He then said something I didn't expect. He said that because he was getting older and he couldn't take very good care of the car anymore he was "considering" selling the Buick. I gulped. When we got back to his place he parked it in the driveway and I got a better look at it. It was "all there" so to speak and the paint looked original. I made another lap around the car and said to him that I was "considering" buying it. He laughed and said he couldn't think of a better home for it than me. He then gave me a price and I bought the Buick. I called my wife and had her drive right over and bring her checkbook and I bought the car and drove it home before he changed his mind. He had tears in his eyes and a smile on his face when I pulled away. By the way....when I washed the Buick off I found the original paint to be in great shape and I also found that it only had 60,000 original miles on it and it really didn't need anything except a good cleanup and tuneup. I own many old cars but the Buick is still my favorite!

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