Gerald E 1970 Lincoln Continental Mk III 2dr Coupe

The one that almost got away

I remember it as though it was yesterday, the year was June 20, 1975 I was in my teens working at my Uncles gas station on Linwood & Davidson in Detroit MI, the station was called Edison Standard gas, it was hot that day. My uncle name was Homer Edison my Dad's brother, that particular day he told me and the crew he'll be right back he was gone for a hour but, when he came back he was in a (1970 Continental mark III) pales Yellow, with a black Vinyl top with black interior, See everybody remembers the day they fell in love and that day was no different for me when I saw that car. Then later when he reach retirement age he close the station and I took on a job at Ford motor Company, I started at eighteen years old, so a few years had passed, but I would always see my Uncle at family gathering or funeral I would tease him saying when you going to sale me that mark uncle and he just laugh it off every time. So it got to the point I just stop asking the dream was to far to reach for me then in 2004, I was sitting at my dad's bedside he was ill at the time I guess I had a peculiar look on my face so, my father looked over at me and said, what's on your mind son. So I said to him you know what Dad, I would like to by that (mark 3) from Uncle Homer and he said to me you want that car I said yes, then he said get him on the phone for me I'll talk to him. So I called my Uncle Homer, then I step out the room so they can talk but I could still here them, and I heard my father say to him Homer Gerald Have Been by my side since he was a child and even in my sickness he's still by my side, I want you to do me this favor and grant him that (mark 3) you have and I heard my Uncle say ok he can have it. Now if I had of know it was that simple I would have said something to my father years ago but I guess timing is everything, so I walk back in the room and he said to me its your 's son and I thank him again and again. Now one week has passed one morning my Uncle Homer is washing up in the bathroom at his home and he drop dead, it was a shock to everyone because he always look so healthy, and he was a sharp dresser as well and he never clear it with his wife for me to get the car. So after the repast I waited a few months and called her, I explain to her the agreement my Father made with Uncle Homer about the car. So has she was listening to me I told her they made a deal for me to buy the car, because I didn't want her to think I wanted something for nothing but she didn't really respond so we talk a little more than I went home. So a year has passed then her son Earl gave me a call and said do I still want the (mark 3) I said yes, he said mama want nine for it and hung up the phone, so I called him back and said Earl its going to take me a while to get up nine thousand dollars, and he said no Gerald not nine thousand dollars, nine hundred dollars, So I ran every red light I could to get to the there house before they change there mind for a 1970 mark 3 with 68,000 mile garage kept all those years. I waited thirty-nine years and it was worth it.

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