Doug M early 40's buick

The old Buick and the rodeo clown

I was ten years old when the rodeo came to town. We were poor and I couldn't afford a ticket. I heard that you could get in free if you were willing to ride in the clowns car. He had an old buick (early 4o's model) that was completely gutted inside and had the windows blacked out. He would pack as many boys as he could (more than twenty) into the car and then drive to the center of the rodeo arena. He would open the doors, introduce us as his family, and we were to all get out as quickly as possible. We were packed in so tight that it was difficult to get out until one of the boys on the bottom of the pile passed gas. The car then emptied very fast. I'm getting on in years and don't remember much about the rodeo, but I will never forget that humongous old Buick. (or the kid on the bottom of the pile)

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