Neil S 1930 Ford Model A 2dr Coupe

The little old lady that only drove her car to school

I had heard about this Model A Ford, that was a few miles from where I lived. So like the old car collector that I am I went looking for it. I found it outside a small town in Ohio on a small farm. The older lady that owned the car, told me

she had bought the car second hand (two years old) just after she had graduated from college as a Teacher. She needed the car to drive to the school (in the small town where she lived), she drove the Model A to the school until

she retired from teaching and parked it in a small garage and covered it up with feed bags. I asked to see the car,

we went into the small garage and removed the bags. There was a 1930 Model A Ford coupe with dual side mount

spare tires with a rumble seat. I told her I would restore the car and give it a good home. She agreed to sell it to me. A few days later I came back with a trailer and loaded the car and paid her for it. I paid her in cash ($20. bills)

and counted it out on her kitchen table and she said she had never seen so much money at one time. When I drove out her driveway, she was standing outside watching and crying. A couple years later after restoring the coupe, I drove it back to her place and showed her how it looked. She took pictures of it and thanked me.

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