elliot i 1960 Porsche 356B (T5) S90 2dr Cabriolet

The first time

It's 1955. I am five years old. My mom and dad have this friend who one day he shows up in a 1955 Thunderbird convertible-White with red interior. I have never seen anything like it before. He asked me if I'd like to take a ride and of course I say yes. I can still feel the wind on my face and my hair being tossed around.

I believe that experience has led me to the car enthusiast the I have become today. I remember 13 years after the T Bird experience I became transfixed on the Porsche 911 and now I find myself trolling on the Internet to look at the different 911 variants and reading the articles about them. I look at the 911 like people look at art or the way they listen to music.

I have been fortunate enough to acquire several Porsches that I currently own. And it is a funny coincidence that two of them are white – with red interior.

I am trying to pay it forward with my kids and my friends kids by giving them a ride with the top down to share that same experience i had as a kid.

The cars that I currently own will never be sold. They are here with me for the long haul. They are like a song that I hum or painting on the wall. It's all rock 'n roll to me!

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