Michael D 1984 Chevrolet Corvette 2dr Coupe

The car that drove me

I was freshly 15 in the beginning months of July with the excitement of a permit and the dream of a car. I had begun saving for years and had saved up three thousand dollars by that point. That was huge to me, countless lawns mowed and many hours of work all to sum up to an amount I was proud of but ready to spend in the drop of a hat. My parents laughed at me when I explained I was shopping for a car, they told me I still had a year to go and that I was getting out 1999 gmc safari (a real chick magnet). I wasn't having it, I was determined to get a pierce of American muscle, something cool and fun to drive that I could take pride in. Months past and it seemed as though my days driving the safari with my permit we're becoming a more and more accurate reflection of the remainder of my high school career. I was but a few months away from my car fate being sealed, it was April 15th, a Sunday and also my brothers birthday. We had planned a day at Cantigne which was put to a screeching hauly when my mom cut her hand and had to go to the hospital. On our way to the E.R. We ha to stop for gas, lucky for me I was sent in to pay and happened to over hear a conversation about an old corvette a man couldn't sell. He mentioned dropping the price to $3,500 to just get rid of it. I was ecstatic. I asked for his phone number and took a little longer than I should have picking his brain about the car. With a smirk on my face I ran to the car and we were off to the ER. Quietly conspiring, I managed to get my dad on board. With his tactful mom convincing skills we managed to get the opportunity to meet with the man later that night. With excitement and anticipation coursing through my nerves I thought of nothing else but seeing the car. As the moment came and we arrived at his house, there I saw it. Paint was peeling, the carpet was faded and chunking out. I didn't know what to expect. I remember like it was yesterday, the minute he fired it up I leaped into the air startled having never heard a sound come from a car like that. I knew it was meant to be. With no more questions asked I made the buy and drove home with it that night. My Dad and I were so excited to start work on it and the minute we brought it home we started stripping it down. With a pissed off mom and a vision in my head it began. Now, years later, I have my completed project, a work that took my entire high school years to do. It opened up a world of mechanics and cars, an entire hobby where people a like work to bring back pieces of history , it pushed me to become an agent for Hagerty and join a hobby where it's members love cars as much as I do.

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