Ed H 1969 Cutlass S 350 Convertible

The car I wanted when in High School.....

I always wanted a muscle car when in high school, but alas, I had to drive my mom's 1964 Plymouth Valiant (with a bad paint job to boot!). Definitely not a cool car.

I always dreamed of a Cutlass convertible as my ticket to being the chick magnet when pulling in to the local A & W or Krystal hangouts, but had to park the Valiant a block away and walk to hang with the crowd with great cars.

While married, I restored a 1967 Firebird Convertible but had to sell it when my first child was born. I got a 55 T Bird when the kids were grown, but lost it in my divorce to my ex who only wanted it to try to hurt me as she sold it immediately.

Fast forward to 2014; I had been looking for a blue Cutlass (that's what I had dreamed of as a teenager) but couldn't find the right car. While doing a search, I found the exact car I wanted and it was located in an out of town city, I just happened to be visiting!

I bought it on the spot and love driving it. Just wish I could get an A & W/Krystal's reunion now!!!

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