Jackie T 1976 Mercedes

The biggest and best

In 1976 my father purchased a 1976 Mercedes 4door cpe for my mother. We were all so excited to ride in it they offered to take us to Dairy Queen. I was 8 and orderd the biggest thing on the menu, an enormous sundae of vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce and nuts. Since we had this awesome used / new car, my parents wouldnt let me eat in it. The wind was blowing horifically and they made me eat my ice cream outside on the bench. It was summer, but the wind was so strong my ice cream blew all over my face and hands and I was a hot sticky mess. Mom, Dad and brother all finished long before me and got back in the car. I was left to decide between my huge ice cream and family. I got cleaned up and hopped back in car and we headed home. If I could buy that burgandy 1976 Mercedes today, I would and I go straight to Dairy Queen and order an ice cream and eat it inside the car!!

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