Eleanor R

The Winning Formula !

It was the summer of 1979 when I strolled into Addison Cadillac on Bay St.,

I saw this amazing automobile turning around on a carousel on display. She was long and sleek with a sexy body.

I bought her that day, my first real car at 27 years old. I was beside myself with excitement.

Drove out slow and easy with that low growling feeling, the rumble of the exhaust note caressing me in my bucket seat. What an awesome sensation that was. Couldn't wait to show my Dad.

Well that soon to change. When I arrived in my new car my dad says " what in gods name have you bought, are you Crazy or just plain Blind, your just a wee lassie that is too much car for you, take it back and don't be so daft."

As time passed he grew to love that car as much as I did and still do. We have so many wonderful memories together.

She has been with me now 35 years and still looks sexy and in great shape. She is well looked after, has never seen snow, only comes out in the summer to strut her stuff an show off.

If my Dear Dad was still here he would be so proud of me and that "Fabulous Formula."

To all the Classic car lovers/owners Cheers EL (Eleanor)

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