Ernie C 1964 Chevrolet El Camino 350 8-cyl/350 Turbo Automatic

The Unimaginable

In March, 2002 when I first saw the 1964 El Camino, it was being used as a junkyard work truck: running, but loaded down with junk, sagging 4 inches off the ground, "17" different colors, gutted interior with only 2 old bucket seats sitting (not bolted!) on the floor, etc, etc. But my heart rate quickened! I got the owner's name & phone number & put the note in my mailbox on my wife's kitchen workdesk. After pondering for several weeks, I reluctantly talked myself out of it. I was helping care for my terminally-ill mother & sickly father, working full time, tending to my own household & just didn't feel that I had the time, skills, energy or MONEY to tackle that kind of project. Whenever my wife worked at her desk over the next few months, she repeatedly picked up the note & asked me if I was ever going to call this guy about the truck. I finally & sternly told her that the note wasn't bothering anything & to put it back in my box & don't worry about it! She shrugged & did. Fast-forward to August, 2002: My wife & I "celebrated" our anniversary by exchanging cards while keeping vigil in Mom's hospice room. Two days later, we said our final goodbyes to Mom. After funeral services in a distant city, my son asked us to come by his house on our way home so he & our beloved daughter-in-law could take us out for a belated anniversary dinner. I was so tired & just physically & emotionally drained, I just wanted to go home & asked for a "raincheck". He was adamant, so I finally had to accept. Three hours later, I pulled into his driveway & he handed me a garage door opener telling me to save him the trouble & push the button! As the door slowly went up, the family gathered beside me, smiling. My eyes opened wide & my jaw dropped! There was my reconditioned '64 El Camino with a big yellow bow across the hood staring right back at me! My wife hugged me, looked me in the eyes & whispered, "Happy Anniversary!". For probably the first time in my life, I was speechless. She knew I really wanted that El Camino, so she had my son come help her "wheel & deal" the purchase, then take it home with him so he & his "partners in crime" could get it ready for me. It was the most awesome gift & surprise I could have ever imagined! (By the way, I asked her later what the guy would have said if I ever DID call about the truck. He had been well-prepared to say, "Sorry, it's been sold."!)

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